Concrete Leveling Services

Concrete sinking and settling is quite common, and creates uneven surfaces. Soil must be compacted properly before pouring a concrete surface, or the weight will press the soil underneath it and sink or tilt. Water runoff is another problem if it’s not channeled properly, as it can undermine the concrete surface by eroding soil away. Concrete leveling can be accomplished by filling the hollow areas underneath the slab.

Mudjacking (or slab jacking) is the process of pumping a concrete slurry underneath existing sunken concrete to:

  • 1. Fill any hollow voids under the concrete, and
  • 2. Effectively lift the concrete to the desired height.

Mudjacking sunken concrete creates even transitions between concrete slabs. The process removes tripping hazards and creates proper drainage for water so that water will pitch away from buildings to a desired location. When concrete is mudjacked, a pattern of small holes is strategically drilled in the concrete. A concrete slurry is than hydraulically pumped through the holes and the concrete is raised.

Once the concrete has been raised to the desired height, the drill holes are patched to match the texture of the existing concrete and the job site is left clean and tidy. Mudjacking is a solution to many scenarios including: driveways, sidewalks, walkways, patios, garage floors, commercial floors and ramps, pool decks, and hollow voids underneath existing concrete.