Foamjacking is the process of injecting an expanding foam underneath existing sunken concrete to:

1. Fill any hollow voids under the concrete, and

2. Effectively lift the concrete to the desired height

Foamjacking is similar to mudjacking but has some distinctions of its own including: smaller injection holes and lighter weight material that will add very little additional weight under the concrete. Also, this foam is made from over 40% recycled material, and is the “greenest” polyurethane on the market”.
Foamjacking is possible in the same exterior scenarios as mudjacking. But in addition, polyurethane can also lift interior concrete such as sunken basement slabs of concrete foundations or ICF foundations. If the concrete has been covered with a flooring product, the flooring product can temporarily be pulled back so the work can begin. When the job is completed, the floor covering can be put back into place.
When concrete is raised by polyurethane
  • 5/8-inch holes are strategically drilled in the concrete
  • Hydrophobic expanding foam is injected beneath the concrete
  • As the foam expands, it lifts the concrete toward the desired height
  • After the concrete has been raised to the proper level, the drill holes are patched to match the surrounding concrete
  • Your site is left clean and tidy.

Waterway Safety and Erosion Remediation

RR401 Fast and HF 402 products are now safe to use around drinking water, as advancements in hydrofoam technology address ecological concerns and regulations. This means foamjacking is the perfect solution for fixing crumbling rock and concrete walls around waterways. To protect soil erosion against creeks, rivers and lakes, property owners often build eco-sensitive rock and concrete barriers. When rock walls are in need of repair, consider our foamjacking services to secure stone barriers. Ground cave-ins behind the wall are one of the first signs of deterioration, and as sink holes leave depressions, more water can damage the integrity of the waterwall. Foamjacking provides you with a clean, safe and sustainable solution to protect your property against wave erosion.
Foamjacking is a unique service that few concrete companies offer, and we are proud to provide this service to customers in the BC interior.