Accurate Concrete provides specialized restorative services to prolong the life of current manholes. We apply SewperCoat® cementitious material to our manhole rehabilitation project.

SewperCoat® offers a 3 in 1 solution that provides Structural Enhancement, a Corrosion Barrier, and Infiltration Prevention. Beyond its outstanding resistance to biogenic corrosion, SewperCoat® delivers a unique combination of key benefits to the asset Owner. Unlike other inert materials like epoxy or HDPE, SewperCoat® bonds well to moist surfaces, it is not sensitive to holidays and pin holes and it provides rock solid structural rehabilitation within a few hours.

SewperCoat® is:

  • A unique, proven, and efficient repair strategy
  • Able to resist the most severe biogenic corrosion conditions
  • Induces a “bacterio-static effect” which inhibits the acid generation at the source
  • More than 25 years of outstanding field performance
  • Ultimately, SewperCoat® provides a unique and long lasting solution to sewer Owners